Career Progression

career progressionGetting great results at work and being acknowledged and rewarded for those results impacts every area of your life.

An athlete practises to win, adapting, trying new techniques to create a margin of success. He doesn’t wait till he gets to the race. He starts the work now.

I talk to my clients about pulling the future towards them. Normally we think about next day, next month and next year as if it was a predictable path. Within my coaching programme I ask my clients where they want to be professionally in five years time and what action they would be taking now to ensure that career progression happens. By practising new actions, the future really does become now and alters what you’re doing and who you’re being in that role.

On being asked the question, a manager with five staff said that he wanted to be leading a bigger team in five years time. To progress towards managing a larger department he needed to step up immediately with his present team. Through coaching, he identified training that would support him to develop in his role. He also implemented new structures to stop micro-managing. His confidence improved with his ability to relate to, and work with, his team. And, as he ceased micro-managing, his team became more responsible and more productive.

My client’s experience was that through coaching he had achieved his career aspirations in six months that would otherwise have taken him two to three years.

Investing in coaching is investing in you. If you’re looking to speed up your career progression, call me on 01926 410 547.

Case Studies

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