Employee Coaching

Employee CoachingThis programme is aimed at HR Managers and team managers where there are potential people development issues.

Typically within most organisations, there are high achievers and low achievers. Achievement in the case of people development should not just be regarded as successful sales results but should also be considered in a more rounded sense. For example, communication skills, ability to work with others, project management skills, judgement, flexibility and punctuality.

While most forward-thinking organisations already have a development process in place to reward successful achievers, the issue of poor performers can sometimes be ignored or tolerated to the detriment of the department’s, and even the company’s, overall performance.

My HR Coaching Programme can help address the people issues that occur within a department or business. It can assist HR Managers and people managers in identifying and dealing positively with personnel problems before they become a more serious issue.

By placing the employee within a coaching process, outside of their colleagues and superiors, any pre-conceived opinions are absent, allowing the employee to explore their situation more freely. Similarly, as an independent coach, I am able to ask the poignant questions to help unhook difficult issues.

They will work through a structured programme of meetings and coaching calls to develop a plan that achieves the goals set by the manager and the employee.

For most companies, people are their biggest asset. Investing in those assets can help to strengthen your company.

Call me to discuss how the HR Coaching Programme could help you address your people development issues. Tel 01926 410 547.

Case Studies

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