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Solicitors CoachingSolicitors and RELs who work 32 hours or more per week must now complete a minimum of 16 hours of Continuing Professional Development per year. From March 2011, I will be able to offer recorded coaching hours that contribute to your CPD requirements while addressing your personal or professional development needs. Rather than being viewed as a chore, CPD hours can provide you with a coaching programme that helps you achieve your goals.

Many female solicitors find that their demanding professional status can have a detrimental effect on their personal situation. Coaching can help to redress the balance by maximising your personal effectiveness.

The Solicitors' Coaching Programme has been designed to provide a structure of support in setting goals, tackling barriers and creating an action plan for success. Normally held over a 6-month period and created to fit around your busy schedule, it is a structured programme of meetings and telephone calls that help to set and review your professional and personal goals.

The goals are set by you and are recorded within your Coaching Workbook, which allows you to log your thoughts, goals, fears and aspirations when going through the process. As a starting point, many of my legal clients find that completing a Personal Wheel of Life and Professional Wheel of Work helps them to see where the imbalance lies within their lives and careers.

Call me on 01926 410 547 to discuss the outcomes of your Wheel and how the Solicitors' Coaching Programme could help redress the balance.

Personal Wheel of Life

Professional Wheel of Work

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