What is Coaching?

what is coaching“Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organisations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. Coaches work with clients in all areas including business, career, finances, health and relationships. As a result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and more fully utilise their natural strengths.” - International Coaching Federation.

Coaching unleashes your power and performance, creating a vision that becomes a road map for directing your life. In other words, it bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life. It works by getting you to think differently about yourself and your life, helping you to shift the focus away from any perceived obstacles, and by supporting you to take action to achieve goals that are important to you. These could be making more money, upgrading or learning new skills, achieving a better work/life balance or gaining a promotion.

The Professional Woman’s Coaching method provides a personal, one-to-one relationship designed to work with you to discover what more is possible in your life.

Who uses a coach?

The world's best athletes and sporting teams have long since used coaches to help them obtain their best performance. Now, increasingly, top executives are using professional coaches to help them achieve greater results within business – whether for their own career paths or to increase performance within their teams. Essentially, individuals and organisations who want to take responsibility to improve their own performance and that of their employees will look to a coach for support.

Why use coaching?

Coaching can be used to build skills, tackle problems, overcome conflicts, develop careers, re-motivate staff and invigorate teams. Whilst any committed person can, of course, achieve good results independently, coaching can help to speed up the process and deliver improved outcomes than when attempted alone. Working with a coach is a great way to move forward in a supported, goal-oriented environment that:

  • Increases confidence
  • Improves skills
  • Gains better results
  • Manages priorities
  • Achieves career goals
For more information on how coaching could be used to improve your professional or personal situation, call Moira Bailey on 01926 410 547.

Case Studies

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